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Sep 25, 2011
Zem Shoes and Stem Footwear
by: Foot Whisperer

Hi, Yes, I know Zem and also a brand called Stem.

The 'ninja' style helps to functionally separate the first toe from the others when the toe is not dramatically turned.

And these are great for "maintenance" once you've got the big toe straight.

Another shoe that is also superb in this respect is Stem Ancestral Footwear.

They use an air injected rubber which allows for high durability, high flexibility, and low weight.

However, there's no arch support and no toe separation. While the shoe is anatomically correct, there is no curvature in the arch. The insole is stitched into the shoe and is covered with the same soft material that lines the entirety of the interior with only a very small amount of cushioning for comfort.

As a result, the company has begun to offer an option called Correct Toes to improve healthy toe alignment. Suggesting that wearing Stem shoes with them intermittently is the answer...

The Foot Whisperer will check out this approach and see what his feet report back ~~ stay tuned!

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