You can push the exercises to stop pronation too which then stops bunions from growing

The critical exercise I found was to move the big toe left and right - only a small amount. This in turn created a gap between my big toe and my next toe. They previously used to overlap as the big toe bent in. My bunions have stopped growing and all the pain has completely gone. Also I do not pronate anymore - a neutral foot.

Another exercise is to fan out all your toes to increase their gap and roll a golf ball under the arch to massage the plantar fascia.

What I found was that wearing supportive shoes and orthopedic insoles were good for about 1 year, but they made everything worse as my muscles in my feet turned off as they were being supported. What you don't use you lose. So I got rid of those and did physio exercise and all pain is gone and my feet fab, how they should be!!!!

Once you can move your big toe and fan the other toes and hold your arch in place, get running barefoot and they'll strengthen right up - I use those five fingers shoes!

my two cents

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