Which is the real EFT?

by Annie Girard
(Montreal, Canada)

I realize that most people are not aware that for a while Gary Craig, the inventor of EFT, had retired and for all purposes from public life and that his website was almost impossible to find. In the meantime, some people created their own website and evolved their own method from the original, making it seem that they are the official proponents of EFT, although this was not the case.

They often oversimplified and modified the method, seemingly to facilitate it's commercialization, sometimes at the cost of its efficiency, in the meantime building formidable commercial empires. But Gary Craig has now returned to the web and offers his method in the correct and optimal way to use it. There is a banner on his site that reads: ''The Most Imitated Healing Method in History''.

He offers all the tools, videos, etc. to be able to use his method entirely for free. He mentions that his method has been changed or denatured by other proponents. My feeling is that if we want to get the best possible results, it would be better to go to the original, to the person who created, researched, and improved the method his whole life during. So here is the name of his website:

Also, yes there are emotional underlying reasons for all 'visible' illnesses, which actually manifest as symptoms of underlying physical and emotional imbalances. Without changing the underlying causes, the symptoms are likely to go on or to come back and manifest again after their suppression.

So, treating the manifestations is not curing the cause and the cause will find it's way to manifest itself as long as it is there. If we think about it, it is very easy to find examples of this fact in our own lives. One 'symptom' will appear after another, as long as the causing problems or underlying reasons are still there.

Then the corollary takes it's importance, that simply removing symptoms will not cure the cause and that symptoms will keep on appearing, causing more and more imbalances in the body.

The official medicine actually agrees to that, giving the name of its manifesting symptoms to most illnesses, although this tells nothing as to the essence of the problem and the cause or source of it. An example: fibromyalgia, which means pain in the muscles. This is just one example, but it is very easy to think about almost all illnesses that we are aware of and realize that the names are like mysterious tags that let us know very little about the essence of the illness as such.

Too many times, the only solution offered besides removing the symptoms through medication, is to remove the offending body parts. The only problem being that each body part is precious and has an useful, important, and irreplaceable fonction in the human body, besides manifesting pain or symptoms, and that unlike with car or machinery, replacement parts are for the most impossible to find, and if found, too often maintained at the cost of extensive and damaging medication.

So, instead of going up to needing such extreme measures to stop the manifestation of symptoms, wouldn't it be better to find and fix the cause, instead of just focusing on silencing the symptoms? Wouldn't we get better results and an accrued possibility of maintaining the integrity of the body?

These simple thoughts are the underlying motivation for most alternative medicine practices and techniques. There can be many different causes for illnesses, from nutritional imbalances to chemical toxicity, to pathogens and parasites. But most health practitioners who are working on fixing or healing the underlying causes of illnesses will recognize that each and every illness has one or more emotional component such as a trapped emotion (meaning: any not transformed, 'digested', or healed, emotional experience, 'crystallized' or solidified as emotional affect or trauma, lodged as a tension or energy in the body) as the underlying cause. And even physical injuries resulting from accidents will heal better and much faster if the emotional traumatic components attached to the incident are freed and resolved.

This applies to all the different healing techniques that can be found, no just to EFT. So this is a path to augment greatly the possibilities of success and the reoccurence of symptoms. It also means that the underlying causes for a symptom might be different from one person to another, and this will certainly be true concerning the trapped emotional component, which by essence is linked to each person's life experiences.

Coming from a very abusive family and having been seared with deep physical and emotional trauma, I have had to get closer to this dark continent called the subconscious, that part that we usually keep very far from us, just in order to feel better or just well enough to be able to go on with my life. The subconscious is not this foreign and strange thing, it is basically just composed of our repressed, forgotten, or obliterated memories, and as such just a part of our consciousness we have forgotten about.

I have used many personal growth methods in my life, from psychotherapy, to Rebirth, applied kinesiology, osteopathy, and others. I can truly attest that even with the physical techniques that I turned to in order to fix or remove physical tensions and imbalances, there were always emotions from my past coming up during treatment or after. And if I went along with the movement and welcomed and even immersed myself in the images and feelings that were coming up, the practitioner found it easier to remove my physical tension, imbalance, or blockage.

So, yes, osteopathic treatments might well help to ease the symptoms of a bunion, but any such treatment is likely to bring up forgotten elements from our past and will be enhanced by our willingness to accept and look at them, sometimes to relive them, to release them in the end. Any true healing is bound to work along the same lines, because this is how the human person is created, a consciousness inside a body that it also shapes and influences.

I like EFT as you can surmise, but up to now my preferred method to explore the underlying causes of my discomforts and illnesses is the Emotion Code, also available for free as the EFT is, and the Body Code, which covers a vaster field of underlying causes of illnesses. Simply because it is faster and even easier to use, directly asking the subconscious about the underlying imbalances behind any physical or emotional problem in my life and that of the people around me.

Hoping this can help!

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Jun 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

EFT is wonderful - anyway to learn it and whatever you call it. I try to just use the protocols that ring true for me and don't get into the personalities or their motives.

Reiki has the same inter-fighting - I just use the fabulous energy and stay out of the weeds.

That being said, Gary Craig is a marvelous person and smarter than smart!! I was sad when he 'folded his tent' way back then but still use his DVDs which are invaluable!!

p.s. Gary Craig didn't exactly invent (or discover) EFT, he 'improved' on an earlier version of it (whose name I intentionally don't remember) from another really smart guy (whose name I don't remember either).

BTW: does anyone have a good protocol for using it for bunions?

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