Visco-Gel Toe Spacers

by Sandy LeGates
(Grapevine, Texas)

I went to Podiatrist...he said there is nothing you can do for bunions..except wait for them to get so bad that you can't stand it & then have surgery!...I disagree! My bunions are just starting & I want to do ALL I can to PREVENT them from getting to the point where pain & surgery are my only option! Just bought Visco-Gel toe spacers at Wal Mart (only $3.00!) & am wearing them 24/7 to keep my big toes from curving towards my other toes & so far they are working next planned purchase will be the yoga toes - although since they are so pricey I am reluctant to shell out the $ til I feel sure they will be worth it. Is there anyone out there who can tell me that the yoga toes are helping your bunions? If they will prevent my bunions from getting worse they will be worth the money.

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