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Oct 13, 2012
"Correct Toes" and Katy Bowman book/videos/blog
by: Cactee

Here is another option for toe spacers. Correct Toes by an "alternative" podiatrist named Ray McClanahan. Expensive but seem pretty good as you can wear them in shoes. He also has some bunion exercises and a list of recommended shoes on his site and other good info.

I also recommend the exercises in the book "Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief" by Katy Bowman. Also, she has videos and a blog with lots of good info on improving bunions, foot health, and general good body alignment.

Apr 11, 2012
Toe Separators - Yes! Yogatoes -No
by: DJ

I bought the yogatoes but found them difficult to wear for long. Even while sleeping I found myself wanting to pull them off my feet.

The gel separators can be worn in your shoes and keep the big toe from traveling over. I had bunion surgery 20 years ago. Over the past 3 years, I notice my toes moving again and the bunion appearing, but no pain - yet. Love the gel separators for comfort and low cost. If I had any pain, I would try one of the straighteners with velcro for night time adjustments.

May I recommend a shoe company for you? Try Keen - the toes are wide and there are many styles that are lace up (ideal for adjusting). My favorite is the Keen Presidio, bought online thru Zappos.

May 01, 2011
Trying the toe spacer
by: Anonymous

My bunions seem to be acting up and many shoes I've worn seem to be getting progressively more uncomfortable. I have a toe spacer, and just put it on and hope it helps relieve my bunion. I don't want to have surgery!

Jan 30, 2011
Bunion splints
by: Zephyr

Have you tried wearing bunion night splints and/or bunion day splints?

Oct 31, 2010
Visco-Gel Toe Spacers
by: Sandra

My podiatrist has just confirmed that I have bunions and has suggested the same advice - leave them until you can't stand the pain and then consider surgery.

I don't want them to get to that stage. I see that the Visco-Gel toe spacers have worked for you, so I will try to purchase them here in Australia. Will let you know if I have any success.

I am also interested in anyone that has tried Yoga Toes.

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