Vibram Five Fingers Shoes Review for Bunion Feet

Since there wasn't enough info on the net about how these shoes work with bunion feet, I thought I would buy a pair and review.

So here's the skinny: Even if you have non-painful bunions, the shoes aren't going to work because the angle of the big toe causes the inside corner of each toe to hurt due to the pressure of it against the glove. In other words, for the left toe, the upper left corner of your the toe will hurt due to the pressure. And vice versa for the right toe--the upper right corner of the toe will hurt. This is because the bunion naturally wants to pronate inwards against the inner wall of the glove.

I should mention that my bunions are pretty significant with an IM angle of at somewhere between 16 and 18 degrees.

In addition, diabetics with bunions should especially be careful with the shoe since the pronation inside the shoe will cut off circulation of your big toes. So there's my disclaimer!

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