Unhappy with my bunion surgery

by Jessica

I had bunions since I can remember. My dad has had bunions since forever. So I finally decided to get bunion surgery because I didn't want my bunions to get worse and I also was tired of always hiding my bunions in ugly shoes.

I went to a foot doctor and he said I had mild bunions and that my surgery would be simple since my toe was in good alignment and that he would just shave the bunion out, so my expectations were high, since it meant that I would finally be able to walk in cute shoes.

I had a double McBride bunionectomy and quickly healed. I was getting around in crutches in my second week of recovery. So I went for follow up visits and my feet were still swollen and the bunion really didn't show as much, but now that I'm in my 7th week my feet look the same as before I had the surgery, but with a scar on top of it. I feel really upset that I couldn't get the straight looking feet I had envisioned.

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