Treatment at the Royal hospital of Integrated medicines

by Katell

I think the improvement on your feet is visible, especially after only stage 1! I've just returned from the Royal hospital of Integrated medicines (60 Great Ormond street) where I've just been offered the same treatment as yours.

My bunions are still in the inflammation stage and the specialist podiatrist is confident that with this treatment he can "restore" my feet back to health. I have tried the rigid insoles (prescribed) but found them pretty useless. I was then offered surgery but the thought of having my toes broken then hammered back together etc did not convince me (remember my bunions aren't the size of onions...yet).

Although my bunions aren't that bad visually they do cause me a lot of pain...not helped by my flat feet. I'm constantly wearing trainers because anything else becomes uncomfortable pretty quickly (not a great look though). Fingers crossed the treatment will work. :)

PS: If anyone is interested in the treatment they could ask their doctor to refer them to the Royal hospital of Integrated medicines. It's NHS funded so you only pay for your prescriptions. They are also good at looking outside the box (I'm going through other treatments there too)!

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