The Bunion Pain Reliever (BPR)

by Nicole Thurmond

My bunion troubles began in high school, around age 14. I played high school volleyball and noticed intense foot pain on both feet near my big toe. My parents noticed how my toes pointed outward and joked that I had my grandmother’s feet.

I began to only wear open-toed shoes because it was less painful. During practice my feet would hurt so badly I would have to go see the trainer. She recommended that I come before each practice and game (about 4 times a week) and get taped up. She would place about an inch thick of foam between my big toe and the toe next to it. She would put a popsicle stick-like splint to help straighten the big toe and tape my feet. This eliminated some pressure on my feet during physical activity but did not help correct the problem. I eventually quit volleyball because the physical activity was so painful and my feet were getting worse.

Years later, when I was in Europe, traveling and sightseeing was extremely difficult. My feet would throb and even swell. The pain often hindered me from experiencing my trip to the fullest.

Doctors told me my best option was surgery after I stopped growing. In the meantime, I wore gel inserts that went between my toes. I also used orthotics to widen the toes of my shoes. None of these things helped long term.

I saw a podiatrist at 21 who recommended surgery on my left foot to prevent future nerve damage that can occur with bunions. He essentially broke a bone in my foot, placed a pin at the break and realigned my tendons. The outcome was positive; the bunion was corrected. However, the recovery was extremely painful. I was off my feet for 2 weeks, in a brace and crutches for 6 weeks and limited physical activity for about 4 months total.

A year later my right foot was giving me a lot of problems. Walking was becoming increasingly painful and running was almost impossible. I consulted another podiatrist and after viewing the X-rays, he recommended surgery. I figured it was the best way to go even if I had to miss work, and pay thousands of dollars to be in pain for 2+ months. At least I would be able to run again.

I stumbled across the Bunion Pain Reliever (BPR) by chance. It's a splint-type device that you wear for just 15 minutes every night. Although I was skeptical about yet another bunion "cure" I decided to give it a try. When I put the BPR brace on my right foot the first time, to my surprise, it instantly felt better. After about a week of wearing the brace on my right foot nightly, I noticed a substantial difference in how my foot felt. I began to wear the brace on my other foot as well.

I am now working out and jogging regularly with little to no pain from my bunions. I can even fit into shoes I wasn’t able to fit into a year ago. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone with bunions, especially younger ages. If I had this product in high school, I may have been able to survive volleyball and other activities. I would especially recommend this product to anyone who is considering bunionectomy surgery. It’s economical, it’s non-invasive or painful and it works!

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