thank you!!

i thought i'd just drop a note saying that your site has helped me a ton.

i've had bunions since i was around 6ish and i never knew why they were there or what they were called but i was just told that i would most likely opt for surgery because of the fashion trends.
i just started researching bunions and i am so thankful to have found your site. i'm not a fan of the post-surgery pains so i am ready to try anything.
so far, i experience no pain and my grandmother never had either, so i suspect it's just an annoying genetic trait.
i am going to start some of your experiments, like the zheng gu shui, tiger warmers, and a brace. and of course the diet, im a major sugar-addict. my bunions are not too big, but i'm only sixteen right now but i will do anything to get rid of them because i'm already obsessing with shoes i cannot wear.
anyways, i just want to tell you thanks for this site, it's the only place thats given me an alternative to surgery.

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