Successful bunion surgery

by Luis Leautaud

Hi! I can see you have undergone around 7 months of therapy and all. I had bunion surgery 2 weeks ago, and I'm driving and walking with no pain whatsoever. I had both big toes corrected, and a couple of hammertoes. I can tell yo your bunion won't disappear since there is bone under the inflammation, which needs to be corrected in direction to achieve an angle of less than 16°. From the pictures, I can see you are around 45°, much alike I was. I have spent approximately what you have up until now, and already I am completely happy with the procedure. I walked out of the operating room, was kept under observation for half an hour, and took a taxi home, to rest completely for 4 days. After so, I started going up and down stairs, 10 days from the operation I was driving, and now I am wearing sandals, with a toe-separator to aid the bones to fuse correctly. I suggest you at least take an x-ray to see what I'm talking about, and double check with an orthopedist. Hope you get better, and good luck.

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