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Mar 20, 2008
Bunionectomy & Osteotomy
by: Lilkunta

What a coincidence! I had my bunionectomy & osteotomy on Th 7 Feb. It was 45 min, & then bedrest. I was driven home. You walked w/p crutches to the cab? Did you feel pain? Plus you have hammertoes and bunions! I just has 1 bunion on L foot.

Were your bunions not painful? I wish I was as lucky as you.

I've had my 1st postop, my 2nd in on 11 Mar. I wear the boot outside and the soft shoe inside. I'm off the crutches.

I do toe exercises. But I have t use my hands. I'm not able to move my toe with my mind, but sometimes it twitches.I cannot believe you can already step on the top of your toes!

Are your feet still swollen?

Mar 20, 2008
Recovery from bunion surgery
by: Luis Leautaud

Hey lilikunta... Yeah I had them done at the same time. I know probably I am really lucky, and my doctor said I had a great recovery. I remember surgery lasted for an hour and a half, then I was taken to another room until I was completely awake, and then just walked outside to take a cab home. I rested completely for 3 days, then I slowly started to climd up and down stairs. 10 days after surgery I was driving, and now (I had surgery 8th of February) I'm doing excercises stading on my tiptoes. It hurts a bit, but I can feel the joints and the bones getting stronger. Every day I feel better and better, supposedly in a weeks time I will be able to use sports shoes. My surgery consisted in reducing the bunion by scraping off the bone, maikng cuts on the toe to re-allign it, and correcting the hammer-toe next to it to make a natural border for the big-toe. Hope that helps. =)

Mar 20, 2008
Walking out of surgery?
by: Lilkunta Fae

Luis, you walked out of surgery? You were able to put pressure on your bunions immediately?

Also, you had both feet bunions done and are driving? Please say you had them done at different times!

Mar 20, 2008
I still won't have surgery
by: Boukeline

Hi Luis,

I had my feet x-rayed a couple of years ago, but as my bunions weren't (and still aren't) very painful, the doctors decided against surgery. (I'm living in the Netherlands, and surgery in my case was considered 'cosmetic surgery', something that isn't done easily.) I also didn't insist, because I heard and read a lot of bunion surgery 'horror stories'. I'm glad though that your operation went well and that you haven't experienced any major discomfort.

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