Some bunions are easier to get rid of than others

by subduedjoy
(Silicon Valley, CA)

I'm kind of lucky in that no one else in my family has bunions. I got my bunions purely by walking for long distances in narrow, high-heeled shoes. I don't have bunion pain.

The bunion on my left big toe is pretty much gone. It gradually went away from wearing flat sandals and flip flops over many years.

I still have the bunion on my right big toe though. It was larger than the one on the left big toe and more solid, and I think that is why it has been more stubborn. There has been some improvement in the right-toe bunion, but the improvement has been very, very minor. Mostly, I have noticed an improvement in function. My right foot used to roll in when I walked due to the bunion. It doesn't do that anymore. If I wear the "wrong" shoes (i.e. narrow, high-heeled shoes), then my right foot will start rolling in when I take them off. The noticeable feeling of having my foot roll in will keep me from wearing the good-looking but "wrong" shoes. And it was the main reason that I noticed the bunions in the first place and threw out my beautiful but "wrong" shoes.

I haven't yet tried methods to break down the right-toe callus. (I read that that's what a bunion is, a callus over the joint between the toe and the metatarsal.) I read about some methods to break down the callus on your site, and I will try these. Thanks much for posting them.

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