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May 08, 2011
A Few More Shoe Suggestions For Bunions
by: Anonymous

I am a nurse and on my feet all day. If my feet hurt, I can't do my job I have to have comfortable shoes. The last two pairs I have got that worked well are:
1. SAS Simplify - a slip on loafer that comes in wide and doesn't bother my rather awful bunions at all.
2. Keen Sienna - a MaryJane that feels wonderful and is my go-to shoe.

Both of these shoes cost more than I would like to spend, but they literally keep me comfortably on my feet and working.

So today I went shopping for a pair of lightweight shoes for the summer. I cannot wear open toe shoes. I bought the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought... Arcopedico Flower. It felt like a slipper when I put them on...they are very soft leather and come fairly wide.

I have a pair of crocs which feel good...but they get too hot to be worn for a 10 hour work day.

Good luck to everyone finding the right pair for you.

Jul 03, 2010
Pretty Shoes
by: Anonymous

I have bunions, but have found shoes made by Mudd are nice. They are wide in front and have heels, but cover my bunions so it's not even noticeable. Sketchers also makes some closed toed flats that are nice.

May 29, 2010
Pretty Shoes
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same problem. I live in Ireland and have bought so many shoes on the internet, all from the U.K., and have had to post them back as the backs were much too wide. At this stage I am considering surgery as I am so depressed. I have stopped going anywhere I have to dress up for as it is impossible to get nice shoes with a wide toe box that fits in the back.

May 27, 2010
Regarding pretty shoes for bunions
by: Jenny

I live in England, where we also have the problem of temperatures often not warm enough for sandals. I try a brand called Hotter (its name has nothing to do with temperature), which is mostly accessible by post. Hotter has recently launched some more attractive shoes but its wide ones, which are likely to be suitable for feet with bunions, tend also to have wide backs, and I find these shoes are fairly useless unless they lace up - so it usually has to be goodbye to otherwise prettier shoes. I am getting tired of having to post shoes back because they don't fit me.

If there is anyone in the UK reading this who has been successful in finding a maker of reasonably priced, good but fairly dainty shoes which have more generous toe space but normal width backs would she please, please record the name on this site! I'm sure there are others who would like to know.

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