Shoemakers, please make space for our toes to work freely!

by Jenny

If only a clever but fashion conscious shoe designer would design some shoes that allow us to have sufficient space to use our toes properly yet with heels grippy enough to keep our shoes on. I find that since my bunion op. my other toes have decided to get to work instead of leaving most of the job to the big toes. They seem to have taken quite naturally to the role now that I wear wider shoes, but these wider shoes are lace-ups and look like trainers. I would love something smartish, more feminine.

Wide Mary-Janes would seem to be one answer, but not if they gape around the heel. "Herring boxes without topses" keeps echoing in my mind.

I haven't tried splints or Yoga Toes yet but they sound like helpful tools in the effort to regain our toes' freedom. One worry I have currently - my operated-on toe has started clicking occasionally and when it does I find I need to pull it to straighten it a bit. I need to find out what is happening. I wonder if this is a pressing need for a splint. I hope to report back on this sometime later if I can get an appointment with my surgeon.

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