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Dec 05, 2009
Be Happy For Big & Small Things!
by: Anonymous

Nice looking shoes possibly contributed to the problem you have with the big Toe that recently was operated on. I find solice in the fact that I can run and exercise once again and concentrate on keeping the rest of my body looking good.

Trust me, men look at other parts of you body long before they get to your feet, and or the shoes you are wearing. Then we usually analyze the conversation that takes place and form a decision.
The decision at that point is to move forward and determine whether or not there is sufficient mutual attraction, and common ground with which to form a relationship. Trust me, that is usually the pattern no matter what the sex of the other person.

There are many nice looking shoes from which to choose from. You simply have to change the mind-set that probably contributed to your condition in the first place.

Please don't be offended by my response. I simply think we should all be happy with whatever progress we make in the direction of being able to walk pain free and especially being able to exercise, thereby maintaining our health.

PS: If there is some man in your life, or there is ever a man in your life, that will give you up because your shoes, and or feet aren't quite perfect, leave him, he has got to be a JERK!

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