Shoe Blues Have Come My Way

by Lawrence
(Jackson Heights, NY USA)

One of the worst things about developing bunions is saying goodbye to your current shoe collection.

Shoe Blues Have Come My Way!

Goodbye: Allen Edmond, Jimmy Weston, Cole Haan, Alden, Salvetore Ferragamo, Bally, etc, etc. The scary part is: I am not sure what type of shoe I am saying hello to?

My dress-up days hopefully are behind me. To be honest I have never been comfortable wearing ties, suits and dress shoes. For that matter I have never been really comfortable wearing expensive designer casual clothes either. I am just good at it. Though I do have to wear a business suit from time to time.

I realize that I will always be able to go into quality mens shoe shops and find most styles in E or EE width (goodbye in-expensive shoe deals). One problem with wide width shoes is: the shoe designer/artist didn't have an E and or a EE width in mind when designing the shoe. Another problem is: my fashion eye doesn't like wide widths either.

Hey, thank the universal powers I am a realist. I know that health is far more important than looks and or fashion. There are those who believe that there is good and bad in every experience, no matter how painful that experience may be.

The good part of my bunion is this: I have begun to come to terms with the fact that I am getting older and that I must accept the changes that come in life as gracefully as possible. Your body is talking to you and it is saying adjustments must be made to deal with this new problem.

Those of us who are entering middle-age many times obsess over these changes. Getting heavier, needing reading glasses, graying, losing hair, losing hearing, and being called sir or madam when being addressed by younger people.

Get over it.

In my opinion, the best thing, or what we should be focussing on is finding solutions to the problem/s that impact on the things you love to do, and or are life threatening changes.

We can lose weight, we can improve our sight and hearing, we can change our diet, and I'm sure we can find solutions to our bunion problems. Who knows, maybe we can be the vanguard in a discussion regarding buying healthier shoes for our feet, and our lives. Maybe we can help lead the medical community in finding non-surgical solutions to reducing and or eliminating bunions all together.

The one thing I am certain of is this; my new bunion adventure has made me re-think what I place on my feet, and the importance of being stylish. It is another link in my path toward healthy living, inner peace and the acceptance of change as one of the most significant ingredients of life.

I have always been a positive person and I believe I will find a non surgical way to rid myself of my bunion.

I am sure that our discussion will be beneficial to others who have not yet developed their first bunion, but someday will.

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