Rolyan bunion splint

by judy

I have a Wheaton bunion splint and looking at the photo of the Rolyan bunion splint I am just wondering what the difference is between the two? Also, where did you get your Rolyan splint as Footsmart does not carry them. Thanks.


My response:

Hi Judy,

Wheaton bunion splints can easily be worn during the day, as they have no rigid parts to keep your toes in place. The only drawback of these splints is that by wearing them your shoes may feel even tighter than they already do.

Rolyan bunion splints are splints that are designed to be worn at night. At least, that's the case with the ones I've bought (the Rolyan bunion splints deluxe). I don't know about the normal ones. The deluxe splints come with a plastic part to insert at the side of your big toe, to keep it straight. You can only walk a few steps when you're wearing them. I've bought them over the internet, but I don't recall from which shop exactly. Anyway, you can always order them directly from the manufacturer.

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