by Harald Rabe

My name is Harald Rabe and I have a bunion on top of my left toe. I wear wide shoes at work and always try to purchase shoes that I first try on. I don't like pain therefore i would never go for that painful surgery. I got a lab that I need to walk daily so therefore sitting on my butt does not work either. An old timer told me several years ago to take an aspirin made wet with water and attached to the bunion with a bandaid. I notice that when I do this, the acid that is being released by the water on the aspirin goes through the skin and eats away part of the bunion. The trick is to keep the aspirin wet. It does work. but i am now searching for a faster process. Is there an aspirin paste that could be applied to the whole bunion and so reduce it faster? I am still searching for that one.

The aspirin treatment is definitely the cheapest way to reduce the size.

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