Prevention can delay, but not solve bunion issue

by Lucienne K
(Cape Town, South Africa)

As long as I can remember I have bunions. My niece had an operation where she had all her toes broken; she had to learn how to walk from scratch. That story in mind, I knew that I had to do as much as I could myself. Meaning, having heels of about 5 cm max (fortunately I am tall and strongly build, so no thin steel heels for me!) and visiting a proper pedicure from a medically trained professional every 6 weeks. I wore adjustable soles for some time when needed.

At the age of 40 I started to exercise yoga on a regular basis (especially sitting on your toes and do a counter pose is excellent). This together with regular swimming kept my feet and body flexible and in a good condition.

Being heavy build I have always had to watch my weight. My preferred combination of diet: 'Fit for life' combined with the principles of Ayervedic lifestyle (look at your Dosha). Recently I moved towards a 'gluten conscious' diet as we have a history of arthritis in the family and gluten enhances the inflammation.

This all did not prevent my bunions getting infected. Added the issue of hallux valgus, I knew at some point I had to go for surgery. While visiting my surgeon, he could not believe the X-rays: my feet were not supposed to be that straight, looking at the bunions and hallux valgus problem and history!

Last but not least: I have to admit that the infection of my bunions coincided with a phase of professional insecurity and therefore fear for my financial future (Louise Hay). All together, I think eventually, especially with my family history, I could not have prevented the surgery. At the moment I am in a process of recovery; happy that arthritis was not part of the diagnosis!

Lucienne K

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