Posture control insoles for my bunions?

by Zoe Down

I have bunions on both of my feet and also believe what you call Rothbarts feet, to be the same as mine. But reading about the insoles I couldn't see any prices, could I get these from my local pharmacy or do I have to see a orthopedic?

I saw my doctor about my bunions; he told me that it was caused by uncomfortable shoes. He told me that surgery was unnecessary because they weren't that bad, but they play a massive part on my comfidence.

My answer:
You don't have to see an orthopedic to get these kind of insoles. However, I don't sell posture control insoles myself; please see to find out more about the costs of these insoles.

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Dec 27, 2010
Regarding Postural Control Insoles
by: Professor Brian A Rothbart

On the internet, I have found a great deal of confusion regarding the treatment of Morton's Foot and the Primus Metatarsus Supinatus foot structure (AKA Rothbarts Foot). These two foot structures are not the same and do not respond to the same type of therapy.

Postural Control Therapy (and the use of Postural Control Insoles) can be very effective in reducing or eliminating the symptoms coming from the Rothbarts Foot. However, Postural Control Insoles were not developed to treat the Mortons Foot.

Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart

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