No modern shoes that fit women with bunions or wide feet - why?

by Barbara May

After searching all the shoes shops today in Newcastle upon Tyne there appears to be hardly any wider fitting shoes that are modern in appearance. If you want wider shoes become a frump it seems. The wider fitting new shoe shop recently opened in Eldon Square. I call it No. 1 Frump!! No style, no taste nothing. So do we have to have an operation as well to get rid of the bunion so we can somehow push our feet into these narrow fitting shoes. Have we all got narrow feet - answer No. Manufacturers please get your heads together and produce shoes to fit all feet. We all don't want flat shoes that make your muscles or calves ache. We want soft leather with plenty of space for toes. With all these people out of work could somebody start the ball rolling and start producing shoes for people who are over 50 but don't want to look a frump. The government want new ideas for jobs.

Designers out there please get together with manufacturers and produce shoes to fit any feet. Colours for every occasion. Maybe we need to go back to getting our feet measured. Doctors' maybe you should start advertising fast effective surgery for bunion removal for all us women with bunions who cannot get shoes to fit.

We aren't all 18-40yrs old with narrow feet and wanting high heels. Don't forget it is the older generation who have the money now. So come on more thought and more choice for women over 50 yrs old.

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