New Adventure

by Lawrence Kenchen
(Jackson Heights, New York, USA)

I have just developed my first bunion. The doctors say I have Hallux Limitus, and that I will have the condition for the rest of my life.

The cause could be genetic, the effects of long distance running or caused by some sort of injury to the toe joint. I believe my problem was caused by all the aforementioned reasons.

I'm having an orthotic made to correct my being flat footed, and protect/correct the bunion which flared up several weeks ago. The bunion originally gave me horrible pain and made walking quite an ordeal.

My foot surgeon stated that my condition did not warrant foot surgery at this time. He claimed that the orthotic he prescribed may arrest the problem at it's current level/condition, thereby eliminating the need of ever needing surgery.

What I need is some non-surgical procedure that will cause the problem to go away/be eliminated. I've read everything you have written and wonder if there is anything else I can do to rid myself of this condition?

I love to walk, run and dance, and don't like the thought that I may not be able to do those activities pain free ever again.

Can anyone suggest running sneakers that will protect my feet from further injuries? I have been looking at sneakers such as: New Balance: 1123, Brooks: The Beast and Saucony: ProGrid Omni.

I have been told that Clogs are also good for this condition. Can you recommend any specific manufacturer of clogs that are considered the best for people suffering from this condition? I realize that I need wider clogs - size E- to help reduce the shoe contact with my bunion.

Also, can anyone recommend a doctor and or doctors who actually listen to what you are saying in regard to the bunion problem. I really don't want this bunion to grow any bigger than it currently is.

I really would like to communicate with people who are serious about finding solutions to this problem.

I would like to be of help to others and eliminate the need of foot surgery in the future.
People in the USA are too ready and willing to jump to surgery as a solution to all their problems.


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