My New Friend Paul

by kelly
(ro cha cha, ny)

I did a lot of sports at a younger age and the bunion (in my right foot) caused a lot of issues. I would have sharp pain in my foot and it prevented me from always being able to complete practices. I was told I could be a candidate for surgery on my foot to fix it but I opted out at the time. I did go to a podiatrist to get special inserts for my running shoes which helped to some extent. These days, I have learned to embrace my bunion, I even called him "Paul" (after the character Paul Bunyon). I don't think I would want to remove him at this point. Sometimes when I am wearing open toes shoes it is nice to look down at him and give him a little wave. Don't hate your bunions, accept and embrace them. Even dt them. Paul is happy that I did.

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