My bunion story

by McKenzie Miller
(Berlin, Ohio)

I have had bunions ever since I can remember! When I first really noticed I was in about 6th grade.

I actually just had surgery this past April (2012) and it is amazing what it can do! I'm 18 and a freshman in college and my Dr was amazed at how bad the inside of my foot was. I hated my feet ever since I was little and realized my bunion wasn't that bad!

What my Dr realized was that I have really bad arthritis and the cartilage between my joint was completely gone and my bones were rubbing together and there was dried blood everywhere...My bone and bump has actually shifted back because there was such a big groove from all the years of playing sports but i'm pain free!

Surgery was the best thing i've ever done! The only bad thing was that I had to be off my foot for 6 weeks while being on crutches which was awful. I was out for almost 4 months because it was still pretty tender so I ended up not being able to train for my college basketball team for the summer. But in the big picture, it was a great decision.

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