My Bunion Story and Micro-Current Treatment

by Anne Clark
(Perth, Western Australia)

My name is Anne Clark. I am 59 years old and live in Perth, Western Australia.

I had been suffering with pain in my left foot on the ball of the foot and around the big toe for about a year. I noticed that my foot also appeared to be becoming broader and was having trouble wearing close fitting shoes. I went to see a friend of my husband's, a surgical podiatrist, who told me that I had bunions on both feet, and that if I did not want to wear orthotics for the rest of my life, then surgery was the only answer. I was resigned to this process until the podiatrist showed me what surgery entailed. I thanked him for his time and went home.

My mother had had surgery performed by an orthopaedic surgeon on both of her feet for bunion removal and to straighten her toes, which were crossing over one another. The bunionectomies over-corrected her problem, and surgery on the crossed toes was a dismal failure. She now struggles to walk as her feet cannot function properly.

I was hoping a surgical podiatrist would have better results, being an expert in feet, but was not prepared to try anything so permanent just yet.

I went onto the internet to research bunions, and found Milly Ng’s web site and YouTube videos almost immediately. I emailed Milly, and she was quick to respond. Her web site gave information on micro-current, and she told me that her treatment required a strict protocol: 10 consecutive micro-current sessions, commitment to doing her foot exercises for 20 minutes twice a day during and after treatment, no alcohol or caffeinated drinks while on treatment, consuming electrolyte drinks and lots of water to remove toxins.

I was trained in and practised pharmacy until I was in my 40's, when I studied natural therapies, and started up my own practice using Bowen therapy, reflexology and West Australian flower essences. I have since "retired", although family, friends and some old clients still call on me occasionally. I have studied the subtle energies of flower essences, and regularly use both essences and homoeopathics when I and my family are mentally or physically unwell, so immediately understood that micro-current could have permanent healing effects on the body.

I searched to see if such treatments were available in Australia, as Milly was practising in Hong Kong at the time; I found only beauty treatments and pain management. I emailed my podiatrist and asked his opinion of Milly's treatment. He basically told me Milly's treatment was more than likely a sham, and when I told him how much it would cost (AU$4500)) he was convinced no good would come of going to Hong Kong.

I rang Milly and she was just delightful. So I booked in with Milly along with return flights Perth to Hong Kong and accommodation near Milly's practice. My husband was very supportive, and came along for the ride!!

I went to see Milly Ng in November 2012, three months after first seeking help from my podiatrist. We were in Hong Kong for 2 weeks to accommodate Milly's treatment protocol. Milly treated both feet, although the right foot was corrected in one session. The micro-current treatments were at times extremely painful, and left slight bruising up the calves of my legs ( a good sign of "hitting the spot"), although I felt no pain after the treatment. By the time 10 sessions were over there was a noticeable improvement in my left foot, and my right foot was back to normal. I also noticed that the way I was using my feet had improved; I was walking using a heel toe gait instead of walking on the sides of my feet to avoid pain.

Back in Perth I continued Milly's exercise routine. I had also had a "before" X-ray done prior to leaving for Hong Kong, and 3 months after treatment, went for an "after" image as a comparison. I sent both to my podiatrist, and he was astonished with the results. After 6 months I cut the exercises down to once daily, and after a year to once every 2 to 3 days. Now I do Milly's exercises once a week or when I feel like it, and nobody can believe I ever had bunions. Was the treatment worth it. Every cent!!

As an aside, while I was seeing Milly I mentioned that I had problems with my right knee, probably due to the fact that the pain in my left foot had changed my gait. Milly kindly gave me a quick treatment on the knee and I have been pain free since.

We also tried to set up a clinical study on bunions and micro-current at a university in Perth, Western Australia, but could not get it off the ground. It is almost ridiculous that this treatment is not more readily available, although the current pricing structure is probably beyond the means of many unless the treatment was government subsidised.

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Jun 27, 2016
Anne's response
by: Anne Clark

Hi Mary,

I am so sorry to be responding so late. I am not sending a photo at the moment, but I do want you to know that the above response is not my experience!!
I had a very positive experience resulting from the Microcurrent treatment. I have had no further pain, and I only do Milly's foot exercises every now and then. The benefits of Microcurrent are that you avoid surgical intervention and the down time that is involved in that process and you become aware of the muscles in your feet and how to keep them
in working order.

Warmest regards, Anne

Feb 03, 2016
Updated photo please
by: Mary

Hello, Thank you for sharing your story about microcurrent treatment. I am really interested in doing it.
Can you show us an updated photo of your foot that had the bunion?
I am worried that the bunion may come back even after I do microcurrent.

Thank you!

My answer
I can understand your fear that your bunions might come back. In fact, after about one year of the micro current treatment, my feet are more or less the same as they were before I had the treatment. It did some good to my feet, but in the long run, I don't think it made any difference. The only permanent thing is, is that I'm a lot more aware of key muscles in my feet that I can strengthen and use to keep my toes a bit more aligned. So during the day, when I think of it, I try to engage those muscles.

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