Most of my life

by Em

I'm thrilled to find this site because I've dealt with bunions most of my life. I started developing them when I was young - probably 8 or 9 years old because my feet are hyper flexible and flat. I've been wearing all kinds of orthodics my whole life and I'm tired of just 'supporting my crippled feet'. They all told me that I would have to have the operation once my feet stopped growing. It was daunting. I can't handle sitting around immobile for so long!

Recently my one bunion started hurting much more and I had gotten new orthotics, which seemed promising to helping my issues. Then I went to a Bowen therapy session. The lady who I saw said that orthotics go against that therapy because it changes your foot pattern and does not allow it to correct itself. At first I wasn't sure about this. Then looking back at all my orthotics I noticed one commonality. They all lifted my heal. This could not help your foot at all because naturally your heal is not lifted.
I've been going without orthotics for a few days now and I do feel much better. I also started using a cream she gave me to apply every night after soaking my feet in epsom salts called Remedicare. My one bunion was so achey before I saw her now there is next to no pain.
I also just went to my naturopathic doctor and picked up Devil's Claw Cream that has marigold in it to decrease the bone mass. I'm quite excited that I finally can fix my feet naturally without some horrid operation. I've also been told of many stories where people who do get the operation often still feel the same pain and has a chance of developing the bunion again.

I'm also about to try acupuncture as I did have sugar cravings growing up. I'm not quite sure what I'll do insole wise as I just got my pair for the year and I don't know if I want to wear them just yet. As for the arch I'll have to seek out a reflexologist for help on that.
I am now 24 and I hope that I'll soon be able to wear normal shoes like the rest of the population! (not bad ones to encourage it again though) and definitely sandals! I really hate wearing them as I get enough strange looks from strangers on the bus/subway, not to mention my yoga teacher.

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