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Apr 25, 2014
Not much luck
by: Anonymous

Called the Dr. in New Jersey and his staff said the device was not being marketed. Very Disappointing.

Jun 18, 2013
Who is the 'Bunionaise' doctor in NJ?
by: Anonymous

Hi - does anyone have any info on this doctor? I found someone in Hong Kong who does this microcurrent process but want to find someone in the states.


Sep 05, 2012
Bunionaise Impressive Study
by: Anonymous

I also have heard of the New Jersey podiatrist and his study conducted at Temple University. Called his office and was told the device and therapy were only available through podiatrist's offices. However, the device and therapy has not been marketed and few if any podiatrists are using it. It is too bad as the studies were impressive.

Jun 08, 2012
Micro current is an excellent alternative to surgery
by: Anonymous

I agree with you! There is a podiatrist in New Jersey who has developed a similar device called "Bunionaise" but I don't believe he has done much with marketing. Too bad, as his clinical studies done at Temple University in Philadelphia show great promise for micro current therapy too.

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