Looking for alternative treatment,other than surgery.

by Diane C


I am new to your forum. I have had inherited bunions for as long as I can remember. My feet have just started to scream at me in pain. Due to the bunions I have rheumatism in both feet.

I have seen a podiatrist who is advising me to have foot surgery done. I am looking for an alternative to surgery, but my podiatrist is telling me that there is none. I believe him, but if there is something I can do other than surgery I would opt for it. Just knowing about the horror stories of bunion surgery, and the warnings of surgery complications is enough to scare any body, even me.

My surgery is tentatively scheduled for August 6, 2010. I am getting a second opinion from another podiatrist, just to clam my jitters about this.

Just wanted to know how everyone who got this surgery did? What if anything would you advise to me?

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, like I am worried about this.

Diane C.

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