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Jul 13, 2010
Thank you Jenny !
by: ilana

.. so much for sharing such very useful info. re your experience. I truly appreciate! I am 58 & have now very severe bunions on both right & left foot. Right foot is scheduled for Sept 29th. Surgeon said I would need pins + wire etc. Did you have same? Was pain managed by medication ? .. I am a very active woman, multiple sports & have never been inactive for such long time even when I went through cancer, etc .. never took one day off from sports .. I very much need some hopeful thoughts. :-),
Cheers, Ilana

Jul 12, 2010
Re: 0ps
by: Jenny

From my experience, just over a year ago when I had my left big toe operated on (joint cleaning up, shortening and fusion) I would say that it helps enormously if you have someone there to take care of you during the first three weeks and that it is a good idea to have a knowledgeable health professional check out your feet and gait every now and then afterwards to make sure that all is settling down well. It took at least a year for my foot to feel normal, but I am in my 70s so perhaps that is to be expected. I think my foot is more comfortable than it was before the operation and now, after over a year, it looks better. It's not an operation to undergo lightly but if there's pain and discomfort that can't be reduced any other way it seems worth considering putting up with three weeks of comparative immobility and a variable number of weeks of swollen foot/feet and discomfort. A friend who is older than I am had less trouble than I had, managed on her own for a little while and was quickly getting around. She now has some complaints - but I notice that her footwear makes no concession to her changed foot, and that seems rather like asking for trouble.

If you are booked for an op. put in order everything you can to make the post-op. weeks easy. Be prepared to put up with all the temporary discomfort while you enjoy your enforced leisure time. I would suggest no op. if you don't think you can do this! However the operation seems, from my experience, to be worthwhile if really, really needed.

But it would be lovely to have been able to have avoided it. If teeth can be straightened while one is young why can't something be done to guide young toes in the way that they should go??

Jul 11, 2010
The only way to do it is to be positive
by: ilana

My surgery is on Sept 29th & I have the same concerns as you, in particular as my bunion is severe & I have a bunionette as well.

I read on the internet all kinds of horror stories but there were a few good ones as well & now I am trying to stick to being positive.

Cheers, Ilana

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