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If you look at the etiology of how bunions are formed (via hallux abductovalgus) you would be better off treating this. Although capsular destruction has been indicted in progression of HAV you need to address the cause. As with orthotics simply pushing a joint the other way will not resolve this.

Your best bet if you're serious is manipulation and rehabilitation. Some case studies have recently been published that claim to correct HAV by as much as 20 degrees - which for people who don't know about bunions is A LOT (we're talking the same area of correction as surgery).

This rehabilitation includes exercises and stretching of very small muscles deep within the feet and needs to be done everyday.

Here's the paper:
Jedynak., T. (2009) Treating Hallaux abducto valgus conservatively through foot mobilisation techniques and exercise therapy- a case study, Podiatry Now, Volume 12:10, Pages 12-15.

and the website talking about it.

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