I have hereditary bunions

by Josephine

I have hereditary bunions and all my life until about 15 years ago I thought that it was the normal way a foot is shaped. I totally agree that you should avoid bunion surgery and especially if they are not painful.

I think I'm not destined to have the operation done because every time I'm called from the hospital to have my operation, something happens and I have to postpone it and this happened to me three times in ten years.

The doctors tell me that I should do it, but experience and browsing the internet tell me that I should not do this operation and as this will be my third operation and I'm 57 years old, it really scares me. My cousin had the opertion done and she said that her toe always feels numb. I don't wish to correct one thing and end up with another problem. I know of somene who had a successful operation, but I'm still scared.

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