i hate my ugly feet!

by Leila
(London, England)

I've had what I now understand are bunions since about 7-8 years old, my mother had them and all my sisters have them; my mum only had surgery about 3 years ago. I'm 27 today and I've finally been referred to hospital for possible surgery! I cannot wait!!

I've had ugly painful feet for as long as i can remember and I've hidden under black socks and had the complete mick taken out off them all my life! I hate my feet!!!! I've been called diamond feet; my charming husband calls them reptile feet! lol.... Even on my wedding day i had to take my shoes off after 2 hours.... I can't bare them to be touched or looked at by another person.

I decided I wanted to have surgery a few years ago after seeing the results my mum had and her feet are pain free and beautiful now.

I hate not being able to wear pretty sandals and flip-flops.... people actually stare at the monsters...

I trained in ballet as a child from 4 to about 13 and my GP thinks I could have triggered it off earlier than I might have got them through dance. It's not just about the appearance either; they really bloody hurt all the time, walking, standing if you knock them it horrid!

And if I dare to wear some high heels then I know I'mm going to be aching after about 2 hours wearing them, I get pain in my shins and calfs (throbbing pain).

I have to buy my shoes in a plus size clothing shop even though im a petite size 8 in clothes because they cater for women with wide feet!
I've suffered long enough and surgery for me is only way to go.

It's all very well to have things to help like the cushions or splints but it will only get worse and worse, if you have genetic bunions get them removed before you get in your late 20's so you don't feel ashamed of your feet!!

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