I am in agony!

by Adeline
(Toledo, Ohio, USA)

I have had my bob's (bunions) for a few years now and every year they get worse and worse! It's not so much the actual bunion that is painful, but the cramping sensation my toes and overall foot gets after a few hours of wearing any type of closed toe shoes!

I am on my feet all day and work in the fashion industry so have to wear stylish shoes... I have switched to cute flats, way too big boots, and other comfy shoes but nothing helps!

I must seem like a baby how much I complain at work about my feet hurting but it's more then just my feet hurting! Its agonizing and all I can think about with every step! My big toe is pointed so far into my other toes that even with shoes off my feet hurt!

I can not afford to take the time off work to get the surgery so I am hoping your suggestions will help me!

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