I am dubious about this treatment

by Laura

Thank you for your blog on Milly Ng’s AIM procedure. I think the price is ridiculous for what the treatment offers. Your end results are what I expected. It’s not realistic to keep exercising your feet alone with no other assistance. Our feet do a lot for us, so to expect only 10 treatments and exercise thereafter seems pointless.

I understand you need to be consistent and be patient with it. Therefore as far as I’m concerned you would need this treatment as part of your foot physio sessions if you was to have any; and combine this with excercise like yoga on a regular basis you would probably see permanent results.

I think Milly knows this, but for some reason isn’t offering this, which seems obvious. Why? Are there health risks? I would think not since Microcurrent is used in sports injury therapy and cosmetic procedures on a regular safe basis. It seems more of a money making scheme to be honest. If she offered a realistic package like paying £3500 for a years therapy or just lessened the price per session she would have clients lining up guaranteed.

The idea sounds like a miracle but it seems to good to be true. When I contacted her initially I was convinced enough to definitely have the procedure, but I just couldn’t afford it at the time. So three years later this year I decided to make my feet priority and have the procedure. I contacted Milly again and the price had gone up to over £4000. I was so upset and felt deflated. I was just about able to fork out 3500 on a procedure that’s not guaranteed. I couldn’t afford anymore than that, especially just upfront. All of this rang alarms bells as to whether this procedure is worth it, and is really there to help improve people’s feet deformities.

I don’t mean to be harsh but it would be nice for once for someone to make it more about just helping people more than about making money. Not to say this isn’t her true intention, but the treatment as is, is definitely not accessible to everyone suffering with this problem and who doesn’t want to have surgery. I hope this changes and other places who offer Microcurrent and bunion corrections look into this as soon as!!!

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Oct 02, 2018

by: Boukeline

I agree with most of what you're saying here. When I had this procedure, I was very happy with it, because it really proved to me that part of my bunion problem was caused by some of my muscles being to weak and at the same time others being overtight. The microcurrent treatment gave me a boost in the right direction, but as the years have passed, I haven't been able to consolidate the (small) improvement started by the treatment. And I found a second set of treatments way to expensive. (By the way, I learned Milly Ng has just moved to HongKong, so that would make it even more expensive.) Still, microcurrent has been the treatment I've had the best results with, and yes, it would be fantastic if others would pick it up and offer more affordable options.

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