Hidden cause of my bunion.

by Jim
(King George, va)

Noticed my left big toe slating left & a bunion starting a couple years ago. Couldn't figure out the cause. Shoes seem to provide ample room. I always thought that it was most likely caused by the side or top of the shoes baring against the toe, but again there was always ample room until I pulled out the sole inserts & found the culprit.

In my 2 favorite cross training shoes which I alternate, the sole insert formed toe depressions & bunching which resultantly pushed the left big toe out of position. Probably could have replaced the inserts with a stronger type as in NB & solved the problem, but decided to "can" them as they were over a year old.

Obviously, the insoles are as important as having ample room for your toes. FYI.

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Feb 25, 2016
Hidden cause of bunion
by: Jim

WRT the exact cause, not sure of which caused which, the
bunion causing the insole bunching or visa versa. Guess we'll never know, but my $$ is on the insoles. The impressions, bunching & timing are just too coincidental for me to discard as not a significant causation.

It's all a bit late for me as I'm 79, but I would advise my kids & friends to only buy shoes that provide a relatively stiff insole & not a soft spongy ("feel good") type. Not an expert, but that's my take on insoles for cross training shoes.

Feb 25, 2016
Direction of causality - insole vs bunion
by: Anonymous

Your insoles are bunching up in a way that corresponds to your slanting big toe. Which caused which?

Unsafe to assume the insole is the cause.

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