Helpful, but painful

by Barry
(Norwood, MA)

I'm practicing acupuncture since 1985. After I read the Sternfeld article in 1992 (I was a subscriber to the American Journal of Acupuncture), I treated a number of clients for bunions. Most had other health or pain problems they came for, and the bunions were something added. Most had a just handful of treatments, often spread over some years, depending on whether the bunions were a source of discomfort.

Treatment was effective in stopping bunion pain, and (as noted in Sternfeld et al) seems to slow or stop bunion growth. As far as actually regressing existing large bunions, haven't seen that, but have not engaged in a course of treatment trying to accomplish it.

N.B. Skin prep should be careful, eg. povidone-iodine rather than rubbing alcohol, as infection of the bone is to be avoided, and the technique involves poking the periosteum.

As noted also, this is a painful insertion. (In contrast, regular acupuncture is pretty much painless.) Having clients cough during the needle insertion is somewhat helpful.

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