Having bunions doesn't have to be horrible

by Samantha Eiz

I'm 15 and have had bunions as long as I can remember. I honestly thought it was normal up until about a year and a half ago. I remember finally taking a look at everyone elses feet and noticing how straight they were. I must admit; I was devastated. I thought my feet were ugly. I was a long time soccer player and had a hunch that playing soccer since I was five might have been a contributor to my bunions.

I knew what I had to do. I quit soccer. It really hurt, I loved soccer, but it had to be done. I started being more aware of my bunions and what was good and bad for them. I heard they wouldn't ever go away (except maybe surgery), however, about six months after quitting soccer I saw a HUGE difference in the quality of my feet. My bunions were no longer enflamed, and they didn't even hurt anymore. I was able to do track and field this past spring and was thrilled to find something that I loved just as much as soccer. Not to mention, my feet practically looked normal!! My bunions are still doing great.

Last month I did have a problem with some Nike brand flip flops but I returned them and all was good. They just fit too snugly by my bunions and I found my bunions had a dull throbbing after a day of walking.

I then a few weeks ago started running again after a few months off from track in order to prep and maintain my endurance both mentally and physically for the new track season coming up this next spring. After my first day running, even in my comfortable shoes which hadn't provoked my bunions at all during track, I found my bunions slightly irritated near the end of my run and afterwards. Even the following day my left bunion/upper foot had developed a slight pain when walking. I must admit I was concerned, and not to memtiom how down trodden I felt. Were my priceless comfy running shoes provoking my bunions??

I slept it off, hoping and praying. The following day I ran again, in the same shoes and I haven't experienced any pain with the last run, with the exception of a dull throb at the end of my run, but there was no next day pain, for which I was and am thankful. I've come to the conclusiom that my feet simply need to grow accustomed to running and that there will be even less pain tomorrow when I continue with my third run since re-training. I do believe that they truly just need to be re-accustomed to running, seeing as how they are already feeing better after the second run.

I love my feet and I promise I always will no matter if they do get worse, I think they're beautiful, and I always will. They're part of what makes me, me. They make me unique, they truly do, and when I look at your feet I don't find myself thinking "yuck!" I find myself thinking "what cuties!" and I always will because, like I said, they make me, me. And I love them.

Sure I've had those days where i wonder if it will ever get better, but I soon realize how lucky and thankful I am to have my bunions, and functioning feet, and chance of fixing my bunions if need be, with surgery. How thankful I am that I'm not in a wheel chair or sick with an incurable disease, and for all you with bunions out there, you should be thankful too. I'll take and LOVE what I get. And I thank the Lord for my bunions.

As for the shoe situation. I must admit I find shoe shopping depressing sometimes. However, for tennis shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes, whatever you want to call them, if you can find ones with mesh uppers and fairly wide, you're good! The shoes I own are Rykas, and they are GREAT. They're probably the most comfortable shoes in the world. However, they're a womens brand so you guys with bunions out there, they probably won't help you!

Also, I think if heels are a must, try some heels that don't cover the foot, the ones with looped bands and what not, just make sure there isn't a band directly over your bunion(s). Clogs and ugg style boots are great too. Flats aren't the best thing out there for your bunions either but if you can't do without try to find some that are more knitted. They're really cute and provide a little more flexibility. You couldn't catch me wearing them (too narrow for me) but maybe you'll like them. A nice alternative to heels are the fancy sandals they make, they're just as cute as heels, just minus the deathly heel itself!!

I urge you to try these shoes I listed and please, try to love your feet no matter what. You could have it worse, so be thankful you don't. And one more thing; NEVER give up. There's always hope. And the way I see it, if worse comes to worse and my bunions get so bad that they truly are unbearable and my big toe crosses over the others, then surgery will be necessary. Until then (and I pray it won't ever reach that point) I will forever love my beautiful feet and I will continue to try to do what's best for them.

We are not alone. There are millions of people, men and women alike, who share the same issue; bunions. Nevertheless; stay faithul, stay hopeful, and remember, man or woman, girl or boy, your feet are beautiful, and YOU are beautiful, everyone is, and we forever will be. Please dont EVER forget that.

Love Your Bunions.


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