Good Feet insoles

by Margaret

I have been diagnosed with a dropped metarsarsal and the soles of my feet are sore when I walk, so I was buying shoes in the C/D fitting and putting in two foam cushion insoles along with the insoles the podiatrist made for me at $550 AUD, these went along the complete length of my foot.

Then on a holiday in May this year on a cruiseship I came across Good Feet insoles and they have helped me so much more, but I have worked out if I wear the padded insoles my feet seem in inbed themselves into the same position and I have to change to another different pair. I have dozens of padded insoles to change too, now I have worked out that if I wear two pair of padded socks this seems to work better, but in the summer it will not be so easy in Australia.

When i go bearfoot my big toe is so stiff it feels to me I have a toe like a chook, no one has actually said I have a bunion problems, yet they have commented I have a bunion, but my whole problem I believe is from this bunion on both feet.

I am thinking about trying the splits they sell at Amazon to put on at night to try and get some extra help. No one has actually said the words their big toe is tight and stiff, but mine is, would anyone know what else I can do to get more relief, my GP doesn't seem to think it is very bad. Does acupuncture work on these types of toes? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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