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Aug 29, 2011
Targeted VibroAcoustics Works Well With Acupuncture
by: Randy Eady

Hi Margaret,

That big toe stiffness is in the main, the problem.

Be wary of diagnosis related to the feet made by people that are only looking at the foot in a static (stationary) non bio-mechanical way. It's like a snap shot of a dance.

Highly recommend acupuncture (concentrating on the Spleen Meridian) and if you have someone in your area that knows targeted vibroacoustics (TvA) have them deliver specific frequencies of sound vibration to the foot (preferrably while the foot is in water).

Like this VAERT Session for example.

Read more on the bunion experiment here and here.

Hope this helps, Randy (Foot Whisperer) Eady

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