Getting to the point of bunionectomy reality

by Circo San
(Raleigh, NC)

I'm 34 y/o, and am, have always been very petite (5'2", avg 105 lbs., demi boyish-curvy with small full-A cup breasts). Since I was an adolescent, I've struggled with coming to accept my small chest, and back and forth between loving and loathing my chest...

But then about 2 years ago, my chest took the backburner when I realized, much to my agitation, both my feet had bunion formations. I'd taken regular dance (modern) classes since age 14, intermittently throughout my 20s. I recall a pair of "manmade materials" Mary Jane heels I'd worn nonstop, until my feet wretchedly ached. I danced, ran, speed-walked in heels because I could!---And ignored the pain...Until the pain slowly, gradually transformed into painful, unsightly bunions. Here I was obsessing over my chest, or my hair, or nose ---which were in actuality just fine--- and now I faced 2 ugly bunions.

Fast-foward to today, and I am on the brink of bunionectomy salvation. Is there no other way to take them away? 2 years ago, I contemplated the surgery, getting a consultation but put it off. Today, the only awful thing I see when I look at myself naked in the full-length mirror are my new duck feet, which look more horrible compared to my otherwise petite frame.

Anyway, as I told my gf's, I do not care for or want any plastic surgery, except for my feet. I want my pretty pain-free feet back, and once I do get them, I'm tossing all the f-ing heels OUT. They are contraptions for pain & vanity, and not worth it except for a momentary photo shot. I will be content in my Crocs, Uggs, Rainbows, what-have-you.

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