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Jan 16, 2017
Yeah I hear ya
by: Anonymous

I am of the same petite body frame pretty much same specs as you with 2 bunions as well. I am so frustrated trying to find something to fix this besides surgery. If you have found anything helpful please let me know. My small- used to be cute- size 6 feet look really strange and embarrassing. I am 34 as well, and I never thought about this happening at my age.

Jan 20, 2011
Don't do it for looks!
by: Anonymous

If you'll be happy to wear Crocs etc post-surgery ... then why not be happy to wear them (and proper orthotics) now? That might save you from needing the surgery.

Plus, please reflect on what you wrote: you used to be unhappy about self-image XYZ, now you've replaced that with unhappiness about your feet. My guess is, fix the feet, and you'll quickly find something else about yourself to feel sad about. Perhaps worth dealing with your basic self-esteem? Good luck with it.

PS) As a fellow bunion sufferer, I DO know that the pain from them is not self-esteem related, and fixing the pain may well warrant surgery. But to do it for looks ....

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