Epsom Salts for feet

by Sue
(Nova Scotia/Dubai)

What a great blog!!! I had my foot surgery 6 weeks ago and overdoing so still in pain. I have used epsom salts for years for muscle pain, starting to get ill etc, amazing stuff. So I thought, why not as a foot soak for my bunion pain?. I researched and found an article that said, add 2 cups to 1 gallon of water and soak for no less than 12 minutes (I do 20 min for the full body so probably that is best?). This morning my feet finally feel great (after 3 days of soaking). I am going to try reducing the amount of salt to see if it will work the same :)..

After this surgery I have seriously thought about not having my other foot done! I have started the exercises and am going to follow a lot of what you have done. There are muscles and ligaments in the toes so surely something will work :) ...anyway, thank you so much for blogging about your experiments. I am excited with the prospect of my other poor foot managing to get through the rest of life without the knife!!!


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Apr 29, 2018
Bunion surgery
by: Dianne

I had bilateral bunion surgery 2.5 weeks ago.
Doing great. On Friday I had my stitches out and splints applied.
That evening I went out to family for dinner and birthday celebration so feet were dangling for 5-6 hrs.
Yesterday I removed splints to shower and noticed the swelling that wasn't there when Dr removed dressings.
Left foot mostly and now painful , can hardly weight bear this morning.
Feeling disappointed / frustrated with the regression . Looked up site to see if Epsom salt foot bath would be helpful.
Going to give it a try today. I have ice pack on right now.
Also gonna lay low today and elevate feet .

Nov 20, 2017
Post bunion surgery
by: Heather

I had bunion surgery 12 weeks ago and still getting painful swell across the bottom of my toes. I tried everything and i can't wait to be able to walk without a limp and wear proper shoes again; its getting me down

May 24, 2015
Post Op Neuroma Surgery pain
by: Vickie Queen

Has anyone had relief soaking your feet in Epsom Salt after having Neuroma surgery? I'm 6 weeks post op and still have swelling and pain. Sure hope this is the answer I have been hoping for!

~ Vickie Q.

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