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Mar 05, 2014
Be comfortable!
by: Anonymous

I'm 17 and I have bunions, so I know the feeling of "I'm too young to have foot problems!!!" I honestly never noticed that my feet were different until my friend pointed it out, then I became self conscious about my bunion. But hey, it's not like we have giant warts growing off our feet! The only thing that matters is that your feet are comfortable!

My bunions have been hurting a bit (I went against my better judgement and wore 6 inch stilettos for 2 hours and that's all it took to tick my bunions off). So now I'm looking for ways to get rid of the pain. I have found those weird toe shoes actually help and they may even straighten out your bunion and make it less angular looking.

Jul 15, 2010
foot fetish anyone?
by: Dorothy

Aw, don't be embarrassed! I have had bunions since I was a teenager (I'm in my 40s, now), and I never really thought to be embarrassed about them. To be honest, I think non-bunioned feet look weird. That's it! Think of your feet as normal and other people's feet as weird.

I don't know how to help you with this except to offer two insights: 1) most people don't care what your feet look like unless they're uber superficial and then they're not worth your time anyway; 2) there are guys (and gals) with odd feet fetishes. I met a dude in college who liked my feet and asked if he could massage them. Ew!

Good luck. This may not have helped you at the time you wrote your problem, but I hope it helps you now.

Apr 15, 2010
For Embarrased
by: Anonymous

I know exactly where you are coming from. I'm 20 also and have bunions on both feet - they are not so much painful but just extremely embarrassing short of surgery there isn't anything you can do to get rid of them and unfortunately it was just the way my feet grew from the age of 3! I even had the best fitting shoes and was measured for every pair of shoe. This is just so you know you're not the only young person out there that feels embarrassed by their feet! :) xx

Jun 21, 2008
One tip that I abide by
by: BarkingDogShoes

I paint my toenails in a pretty nude color by Sally Hansen (maybe Sugar Bare...something like that). That way my toenail color isn't drawing needless attention to my toes...and bunions :) You could also wear a beach shoe that is cute, but closed toe like the Crocs Mary Jane or Malinda.

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