Eliminate Dairy and Sugar to cure your bunions!

by Sheila
(Cleveland, Oh)

I recently gave up completely all dairy and sugar. After a little under 2 weeks my bunions are gone. I had been having some health problems and needed to make some changes so I also am eating a whole foods vegan diet with alot of variety, but I went dairy free first and that's when I noticed my bunions shrinking and the pain slowly ending. I hope this helps someone!

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Jan 09, 2015
Yes This Works
by: Chemmad

Going vegan really does help! I was in terrible pain, could barely wear my shoes, and was considering surgery soon. However, when I cut out all animal products from my diet, the inflammation on the sides of my feet went down in about a week.

For those of you reading this comment: try going vegan for three weeks. If it doesn't work for you, you can always switch back to your old diet. However, there is a good chance that adopting a plant-based diet will alleviate the pain since numerous studies show that dairy products a responsible for inflammation of many parts of the body.

Jun 10, 2009
bunions don't shrink
by: reply 2 SHEILA(lilkunta)

The swelling & inflammation may be lessening but the bunion isnt shrinking. A bunion is a bony overgrowth. This bone wont shrink. To be rid of it it must be cut off.

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