Don't have traditional surgery!

by Marysia
(Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK)

My mum had her bunion "fixed" about 5 years ago. At the same time as having the bunion done one of her hammer toes was straightened. She was in plaster for six weeks after the operation and had to walk with crutches for a few months after that.

Where she had the bunion operation, her foot is no better. She has oedema which never goes down and she has not been able to wear normal shoes ever since the operation. Mostly she has to wear flat sandals with adjustable straps. She still has a very ugly crooked foot.

They straightened her hammer toe by removing the damaged joint. They then fused the two toe bones. Her toe now sticks up at a strange angle, and she's constantly catching it and it looks plain weird. The big toe that had the bunion turns inwards and the straightened hammer toe kind of crosses over the top. What's worse is that she has lost a lot of feeling in her toes. I have seen where she stepped on a pin and it went right through the straightened toe and she didn't feel it at all!

I have inherited her bunions and will do everything I can to prevent them - I will not be having traditional bunion surgery.

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