Choice for right fashion shoes

I still wear fashionable shoes. I was told by my podiatrist that I can wear fashion shoes for an hour or so if my feet don't hurt.

In general, I've the following rules:

* 2-2 1/2 inch heel or higher if there is a platform but not higher than 2 3/4
* Wide heel - stilettos put too much pressure on the big toe joint
* Round toe front - I don't like a square shape. A round toe shape in wide can provide enough space
* Suede or napa leather - very soft and only with leather lining (invest in good shoes - it'd be cheaper than a surgery)

My shoe maker says that it's important to have a stable heel so a shoe needs to snuggle a heel/ankle (this is a celebrated shoemaker from Australia who has helped thousands of people to walk so he knows what he's talking about)

It's hard to find right shoes as we all know. Sometimes it helps to get shoes and have them adjusted to your liking (an extra insole or padding around a heel area, etc).

Hope this is helpful.

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