Caution on Minimalist Shoe Design and Bunion Correction

by Randy Eady
(Delray Beach)

Comparable Minimalists

Comparable Minimalists

Comparable Minimalists Comparable Toes  Discourage Single-point Contact Flip-Flops

I've been applying various shoe designs for several years in rehab work with balance, movement disorders and issues related to the structure of the foot and how it relates to gait and posture.

It's really important to understand the bio-mechanics of barefoot movement, its basis in relation to contemporary approaches to foot-health and the benefits of applying minimalist footwear practices to create a well-supported, dynamic correction as you walk or run.

I've worn through three pairs of FFShoes and have recommended them in certain cases. I've also worn (and recommended) a style with a zipper on top (for ease of access) and I'm currently evaluating so-called skele-toes, a splint-embedded sandal and an "integrative footwear" product.

A lot depends on the degree of de-align, the systemic adaptation of the foot, other foot, rest of body, etc.

I recommend you refer to the Bunion-experiment previous comment on FFShoes and also check out the Bunion Bother entry (which links to a discussion of Flip Flops and High Heels).

Best in Balance, Foot Whisperer

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