Caroline Macaron: The shoe collection imagined for your bunions :)

by Caroline

Bonjour Everyone,

My mum has had bunions for several years now, and like you she has been struggling to find elegant, stylish but yet comfy shoes. She has been wearing high heels all her life and she couldn't resign herself to wear orthopedic shoes which are, most of the time, pretty unattractive and far from being sexy...

So one year ago, my mum and I decided to create our own shoes for women concerned by bunions and decided to call our brand Caroline Macaron. Because it seemed that nobody cared about women with this deformity, we decided it was time to create the change. The journey has been very long and pretty hard but we are really happy to say that we've finally launched our brand :)

I thought that you might be interested too, and maybe you could help me spread the word because together, we are stronger. If you want to discover Caroline Macaron, you can visit our site here:

Thanks again!

All the best

Caroline x

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