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Nov 04, 2016
Non Surgical Bunion Treatment Works! I can vouch for Dr Levingston
by: Mary S.

I experienced the nonsurgical bunion treatment with Dr Levingston and I can tell you 100% that this treatment works amazingly! His pics are genuine as he has the same green carpet in his office that's in every picture. I also have a dramatic before and after picture on the green carpet. I even got to talk to a patient before I had it done. Dr Levingston was trained by Milly Ng and I believe that in some was he has improved the treatment with his 12 point system. I told Dr L I would go onto this site sharing my experience. I have much improved flexibility, no pain, and bunions are gone. He is going to post my pics on in the next couple of days. My posture is also corrected and he gave me exercises to keep my feet strong at home. If you are looking for an alternative to bunion surgery and you want a natural cure without going under the knife (something I would never do after my mom's horrible experience) give Dr Levingston a call. He is based in Denver, Colorado. I visited from New York so it was quite a trek but worth it as I am a full time dancer and couldn't afford surgery. Anyway, Dr. Levingston is ligit. I recommend him very highly for anyone who wants to get rid of bunions without surgery.

Jun 22, 2016
These are real pictures
by: The Doctor

Go and reverse search and you will see that my genuine pictures are NOT on the website. These pictures are real and genuine. They have not been retouched or taken from another website. This person obviously is not a fan of non-surgical procedures and is make false statements.

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